20 – Cherokees to Oshkosh

One of the many amazing things to see at AirVenture Oshkosh are the “mass arrivals”. The large group arrivals of one type of aircraft.

One of those mass arrivals involves Piper Cherokees. They even have a group called “Cherokees to Oshkosh”, and I was fortunate to view part of a “mini-clinic”. A “mini-clinic” is a required training session on the formation procedures and flying required to participate in the Cherokees to Oshkosh mass arrival.

It’s quite a site to see a mass arrival at Oshkosh but it’s quite an eye opener to learn how the Cherokees to Oshkosh formation flying comes together, and how people like Dwane Ferguson, also known as “Ferg”, are a big part of how this comes together.

At these mini-clinics Ferg shares his extensive military formation flying experience for the benefit of Cherokees to Oshkosh.

Interview recorded June 2018




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