16 – Aerial Application, Cessna 185, Warbirds and More!

You’re about to hear a conversation with Matt Brignac who talks about some very interesting and unique areas of aviation. Matt’s an Aerial Applicator from Mississippi who also has, as a traveling airplane for him and his family, a Cessna 185 with a belly pod.

We’ll learn about number of things: what people used to call “Crop Dusting” that evolved into Aerial Application, how much Matt and his family can pack into their Cessna 185, and some of Matt’s rewarding Warbirds experiences.

Matt and I spoke during Sun ‘n Fun 2018 under the wing of his 185, and as you might imagine, sometimes the airplane sounds get a bit loud, but please stick with it because Matt’s got some great stories and some great information to share.

Interview recorded April 2018.


National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA)

Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation


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