23 – Airplane Builder

We talk with Vans RV-9A builder Aitor Lazo, catching him at his first trip to Oshkosh AirVenture.

How did Aitor decide to build an RV-9A? In addition to sharing that back story with us, he goes beyond the rivets and wing ribs of this kitplane.

He also shares some of the special interactions he’s had with people that he’s met through his airplane building project, especially through his EAA Chapter and social media. He is clearly grateful for the help and advice he has received along the way, and humbled that people who are thinking about building an airplane have reached out to him.

It was a lot of fun to meet Aitor and get to visit with him at Oshkosh. He’s a superb example of how great the aviation community is.

You can follow Aitor and his progress on his RV-9A build project on Instagram @airplanebuilder!


Interview recorded July 2019.


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